For Highly Motivated Christians Who Aren't Afraid To Increase Their Income, Impact & Influence...

The 4-Step Framework To Creating A Life You Can't Wait To Wake Up For

Never Worry About Money Again & Activate a Life of Increase and Purpose:

Years ago, as I was preparing to teach a message on faith, finances, and getting out of debt... 

God gave me a sentence that ended up completely shifting how I saw money and God's promises for  wealth, abundance and prosperity... 

"Travis, it takes just as much faith, effort and energy to INCREASE your way out of debt, as it does to decrease your way out of debt..."

In other words, you can use your faith, efforts and energy to live small... 

...Cut expenses, cut your cable, cancel your gym membership, go drive a junky car, stop buying coffee at Starbucks, eat ramen noodles for dinner...


You can use the same amount of faith, effort and energy to learn how to INCREASE and live big!

Don't Cut Expenses,  Activate God's Promise for Increase!

Deciding to live a life of increase isn't hard... 

It's just a different way of thinking... 

I won't tell you to stop buying latte's at your favorite coffee shop so you can "save a few bucks..." 

At Increase University we teach you to become the person who can go to their favorite coffee shop whenever they want and pay for everyone else's latte!

You'll learn HOW to be the blessing in someone's life, not the person who is always needing a miracle...

You'll be the giver, instead of only being the receiver...

For far too long, Christians have been known for being broke, soft and weak...Always needing a handout. 

But that's not God's will - That's NOT how He created us... 

He created you to be more than a conqueror, the head, not the tail, above only and never beneath... 

IF that's not you, if you're not living the Increase life in all areas...

Listen up, this program was made specifically FOR YOU -  there is not another program like this on the planet...

God's will is not for you to be one who shrinks back in fear, but one who runs forward, makes progress and advances... 

It's time you joined us inside Increase University and learned how to apply God's principles for Increase in all areas of life!

When I Discovered These Rarely Taught Increase Principles, Everything in My Life Changed...

Me and a business partner receiving our award for earning over a $1,000,000 with one of our online businesss
I went from trying my best to spend as little as possible, always wondering why I can't get ahead, to:

Being able to eat out anytime I want (and always be the person who pays for everyone's meal)

I buy brand new cars and fill them up with the "expensive" gas

I pay extra for the guac, I get the rush shipping and I didn't even cut cable! lol

✅ I buy the best things (not the cheapest things)

I send my wife on guilt-free shopping sprees to Target (lol)

If living a life where you're not concerned about money intrigues you, then keep reading...

My wife and I have since gone on to:

"Retire" from our day jobs so that we can go to the zoo in the middle of a Tuesday if we want...

Are "freed up" to volunteer at our church and be all our kids school events...

✅  Giving over half a million dollars to my church and charities...

Bless my parents with a check for $10,000

Upgraded to a 4,000 sqft home in our dream neighborhood...

Put our kids in the best Christian school in the area...

Full time pursuing what God has Called us to (rather than just working for a measly paycheck) 

Created multiple 6 and 7 figure online businesses with several employee

Collected 2 rental properties with more on the way...
And the best part? I have no college degree, no background in business and I don't come from a wealthy family...
I turned my life around simply by Activating God's Promise for Increase using His Biblical Principles and strategies He lined out for us in His Word.
The "Increase Life" is available to anyone willing to put in the work, effort and energy.  

If you want my help creating this life for you and your family too... 

Then click below right now and join us inside of Increase University.

❌ The "Old Way" to Get Ahead Financially

AKA What the other financial "gurus" are telling you (but aren't actually practicing themselves)


✅ The New, Better, INCREASE METHOD™️ Way

By using Kingdom Principles that focus on growth and increase, not cutting back and living small...


  • First - Become a Super Budgeter: Create a complicated budget that's absolutely impossible to stick to and go into lockdown mode and spend the rest of your life trying to spend as little money as possible....
  • Second - Fail at Being a Super Budgeter: Feel guilty about not being able to stick to it, give into the accusations of the enemy that you're greedy, selfish and ungrateful...Go download another budget app thinking maybe this one will be your magic bullet answer and somehow you'll get rich. (Side note: No one ever budgeted their way to wealth)
  • Third: Give up all hope of ever getting ahead financially, concede to the false notion that maybe God just wants you broke, otherwise He would've made you "better with money" and in fact you're completely happy and satisfied living paycheck to paycheck and you tell yourself you're actually more Godly this way, and that anyone who wants to increase in life is just selfish and loves money...
  • Fourth: You die broke, alone and nobody remembers your name...(Okay that one was being dramatic, but I think you get my point ;)
  • ​Actual Best Case Scenario: You actually do get really good at spending as little money as possible, you cut out Starbucks, you never eat out, you downsize your house to a crappy apartment, you sell your car and buy clunker with cash... but now you're afraid to touch that money because you just lived your whole life afraid, you've also wasted the prime years of your life living like a hermit in a crappy apartment, never going out, and always afraid to spend money, never fully enjoying life but instead your whole aim was to not spend money....Consequently you die like you're broke, alone and nobody remembers your name ;)


  • First: I show you how to activate your Covenant Blessing Rights that God promised His Children. You begin to take action and watch as blessing and prosperity begin to flow into your life like never before...
  • Second: You begin to allow God to be your Provider, stress, worry and overwhelm just melt away...All your fears about money go out the window.
  • Third: Instead of failing at another budget or trying another "app" I show you how you can be spirit led in your spending, allowing you to purchase things freely and without the fear of running out. (No more money stress OR guilt)
  • ​Fourth: You realize that in Deuteronomy 8:18 God promised you the power and ability to get wealth. I show you how to activate that promise using what I call an "Increase Avenue" and you begin to Increase financially so fast your head will swim.
  • Fifth: As you take your place as this new "Money Warrior" you now walk in complete financial confidence, you've now partnered with God on your money so that He can actually Bless it...
  • ​Actual WORST Case Scenario: You pay off debt, increase financially, take control of your money and begin investing in your future...and hey, let's go ahead and upgrade your cars and house while we're at. Maybe put your kids in the top private school in your district. All without budgeting, living small or cutting out all the things you enjoy in life!


What Happens When You Join Increase University?

...First Thing We'll Do is Dial In Your Millionaire Money Mindset...

Increase University™️ All Access Pass

Here we will locate and replace all the hidden poverty mindsets our parents, grandparents old religious thinking has taught us...
By the time you're done you will have successfully installed the Increase Mindset and removed any trace of decrease or poverty strongholds. Now you're free to flourish!
($1,997 Value)

Second, We'll Get Your Money Under Control and Learn How to Operate with God as Your Financial Partner

Kingdom Money Mastery:

So that you can move your money into God’s Kingdom Economy and dominate your finances without living the budgeted life! (Even if it feels impossible right now) 
 ($1,997 Value)

Now  it's Time to Literally Activate God's Promise for Financial Increase in Your life...

Activate God's Promises 
(Increase Cards)

With these promises active in your life you'll begin to actually walk in God’s promises for your life. This is the key that  will tangibly activate Increase, Abundance and Prosperity in your life.
($97 Value)

Money Mindset √ 
Money Mastered √ 
Increase Activated √
Now It's Time to Get Some New Cash Rolling In...

Increase Avenue Launch Pad™️

Learn how anyone can create a path for new money to flow into your life so that you never have to depend on a job for your income and you can successfully remove your income lids & limits 
($997 Value)

Money Mindset √  
Money Mastered √ 
Increase Activated √ 
New Cash Coming In√
...Now We're Going to DECIMATE Your Debts

Debt Destruction Blueprint™️

Now that you've got new money coming in, let's strategically and systematically decimate your debt as fast as possible and finally live a life free from financial stress, strain and worry
( $1,997 Value)

Money Mindset √  
Money Mastered √ 
Increase Activated √ 
New Cash Coming In√ 
Debts Handled √ 

Now That You've Got an Influx of Cash, Let's Put it To Work!

BONUS #1: How To Turn Money Into More Money

Immediately put your money to work for you and creating automatic increase so that you don’t have to stress about your financial future or having enough to retire on. This system is easy, simple and does not require much money to begin investing with. 
($497 Value)

Want More Help With Your Increase Avenue? Let's Add Some Rocket Fuel to Your Results with This Irresistible Bonus

BONUS #2: Increase Avenue ROCKET FUEL!

These are  curated interviews, case studies and step by step guides for those who want a little extra guidance in creating a healthy side hustle, this will guide you down the fastest path to an Increase Avenue that is the perfect fit for you and your situation 
($1,997 Value)

Afraid of Getting Stuck On Something? Let's Connect Each Month with Q&A Sessions and Group Coaching Calls

BONUS #3: Private Facebook Group with Monthly Q&A Calls

So that you can connect with me, the coaches and other like minded Christians. We’ll have monthly Q&A calls in case you get stuck on anything or want the latest Increase Strategies 
($997 Value)

(That's Over $10,576 Worth of Value You're Getting for 90% Off!)

...But Hey, You Cool if I OVER-DELIVER?


You're Welcome 😎

OVERDELIVER BONUS #1: Fitness & Unlocking All Day Energy:

2 years ago I was driven to discover how to have all day energy, never have the 2pm crash, or be sluggish at work. I was motivated by hearing another entrepreneur say that he feels like he gives his business his best, and his family gets the "rest."  I show you how to do that in these 3 simple, yet life-altering steps. (Works even if you don't go to the gym and diets aren't your thing)

Creating Your Custom Increase Game Plan:

This is the Core Framework that sets this program apart. Using the Increase Method™️ to determine where you are in life now, where you want to go and how to create a truly sustainable path and plan to get there.  I've been flown out to national conferences just to teach this portion of the program to hundreds of high-performing entrepreneurs, all of which paid over $10k to learn this. (If all you did was this portion of the training you'd experience significant increase.)

Faith & Mastering The Increase Mindset:

This is what has been missing from Christian teaching.  The business world has learned how to master their mind and even build their faith in a way that most of God's people never will. In this section you'll have instant access to 12 videos, lessons and "Increase Assignments" that will program your mind for Increase and teach you how to "recession proof" your life, walk in abundance, overflow and next-level generosity by operating in "God's Economy."  

Finances & Mastering Your Money:

This is NOT your average Dave Ramsey financial class.  These 10+ lessons are not about budgeting, cutting back or living a life of decrease. Quite the opposite. Here you'll learn things like: The Biblical Foundations for Financial Increase.  How to Master Your Emotions When It Comes To Money (No more freaking out!) You'll learn Why Budgets Don't Work and What To Do Instead. I'll Teach You About Automating Your Money, as well as How to Set AND Crush All Your Financial Goals. This is where you REALLY learn how to increase!

OVERDELIVER BONUS #2: Family, Marriage, Kids & Your Legacy:

Here you'll discover the "secret" frameworks for creating a life that not only crushes it at the office, but at home as well. After coaching dozens of highly successful entrepreneurs and millionaires I can assure you, that if you don't "win at home"  then you're not actually winning at all... 

OVERDELIVER BONUS #3:  How to Find Fulfillment & "Uncover" Your Purpose

Truth is, the feeling we're all chasing is fulfillment. There's nothing like it on the planet. It's the highest of highs and should be our driving force. Here you'll learn how to set your guiding "North Star" in your life in my patented teaching, "The 3 Life Outcomes."  We'll help you find fulfillment, move on your mission and pursue the purpose God has for you.

This Is Where Christians Come To Learn How To CRUSH IT In This Life...

There are 5 "Pillars" of Increase that we must install into our lives in order to experience increase and breakthrough at every level. NO ONE is teaching this, and that's why so many out there remain stuck, stagnant and mediocre. 
...Join today and I'll show you these little-known, almost crazy strategies for taking your life, money and family to the next level:
  • The Increase Method Mindset 
  • ​Biblical Principles for Increase & Abundance
  • ​Money Mastery Frameworks
  • ​Time Design & Momentum Mastery
  • How to Implement Your Increase Avenue
  • Money Automation Formulas
  • ​Unlocking All Day Energy


If the following describes you in ANY WAY, it means you need to join Increase University today:

  • You're a Christian who is tired of living in constant, fear, worry, torment and dread when it comes to their money situation...
  • ​You're a Believer who KNOWs there is more available to you, but you aren't quite sure how to get it... 
  • You're MORE THAN ready to go to the NEXT level in life...(You can't stand the thought of repeating the same year over and over)
  • ​You're tired of average, "just okay" is NOT okay and you'll do whatever it takes...
  • ​You feel like you need to "get out of your own way" and remove limiting beliefs and old mindsets that are holding you back... 
  • ​You thought you'd be further along in life than you are right now... 
  • ​You are ready to go and create a life that you can't wait to wake up for!


The Escape Your Day Job 6 Week Masterclass
($1997 Value)
Validation Funnels:
Discover Your Idea & Test It!
Bursting at the seems with ideas? Or perhaps just need a little bit of help finding one?
We'll take you through our bulletproof process of discovering your idea, then you'll
Use Our Pre-Made (And Proven) Funnels So That You Can Test and Validate Your Idea BEFORE You Invest Your Time, Effort, Energy and Money...
(Before I created Validation Funnels launching a business used to be risky!)
($997 Value)
 The Drop Shipping Masterclass
Learn step by step how to create a profitable drop shipping site from scratch - even if you don't have a lot of money to invest. This is the business model that has made me nearly a million dollars in sales, allowed me to retire both my wife and myself, and live a life of generosity I never dreamed of...
($497 Value)
 The Online Course Masterclass
By end of this course you'll have found your topic, created your content, and created the online course of your dreams! (Along with the funnel, member's area and your sales page!)
($497 Value)
 The Agency Masterclass
This is the FASTEST path to big ticket online income on monthly retainer. By the end of this course, you'll have your niche picked out, your sales funnel setup, and customers lined up begging you to take their cash to work with you! (No cold calling - ever!)
*Includes phone scripts and even how to get your first clients FAST)
($497 Value)
 Affiliate Masterclass (How to Make Money without a Product!)
***This is HUGE. Ever been stuck not knowing what to sell? When you join the Escape Your Day Job program, we will actually GIVE you an opportunity of a lifetime. We'll do all the marketing/heavy lifting and you'll get paid 50% monthly recurring when you promote the Escape Your Day Job program! (Step by step instructions inside)
($297 Value)
All Your Sales Funnels and Websites to Launch Any Online Business
Literally. All Your Funnels for Your Drop Shipping Site, Online Course, Agency Business and Affiliate Marketing Products...Simply plug and play your pics and products - Boom! Done.
($997 Value)
All Your Facebook and Instagram Ads
Okay, now that you have your idea, you've picked your business model, you've got your sales funnel copied over, now you just need to drive traffic to your new offer! 
Just use our "Ad Library" and model our proven ads to run for your products and offers...
(You're welcome)
($297 Value)
Business Setup Cheat Sheet
Do you need an LLC? Business License? What do I do about taxes? We know the fear of the unknown in this arena can hold people back from starting - so we condensed it all into one super simple document that will show you exactly what you need to do now, what you can wait on, and what you can forget about! 
(HINT: It's not complicated!)
($47 Value)
Coaching Calls!
From time to time everyone gets a little stuck in their business...
That's why we're including group coaching calls with our team to hold your hand through the sticking points, give you the green light on your business ideas, and give you next steps when needed.  (Seriously. We want you to win!)
($$$ Value)
INSANE BONUS #1: Borrow My Business
Instantly download with one click the business that made us over $10,000 in 60 days...
Take it, tweak it, and make it your own. 
Just copy, paste, and profit!
($297 Value)
INSANE BONUS #2: $10K a Month Money Class!
You're about to make a lot of money. Here's what to do with it:
($297 Value)
INSANE BONUS #3: My Make-Money Toolbox
All the tools we use to make money online - what we build our websites on, how we write all our sales copy, our ads and so on! (These are like the cheat codes to online biz!)
($297 Value)
  • Escape Your Day Job 6 Week Masterclass: Our products are delivered immediately
  • Validation Funnels: Come with your idea and test it using our plug and play Validation Funnels
  • Drop Shipping Masterclass: Create a profitable drop shipping biz without spending money on inventory! 
  • ​Online Course Masterclass: Create and insanely profitable online course (passive income at its finest!)
  • ​Agency Model Masterclass: Replace your paycheck with just one or two clients!
  • Affiliate Marketing Masterclass: Start an online income quickly - even if you have NO IDEA what to sell!
  • No Brainer Bonus #1: All your sales funnels and websites, so that you can skip all the tech and just plug and play your products and offers
  • No Brainer Bonus #2: FB and IG Ad Library - Use our proven ad templates to drive traffic to your offer so that you don't have to guess on your ad campaigns
  • No Brainer Bonus #3: The Business and Tax Setup Cheat Sheet (So that you never have to worry about the paperwork again!)
  • ​No Brainer Bonus #4: Coaching calls so that you don't get stuck along the way! (You can't fail now!)
  • INSANE BONUS #1: Borrow My Business - Literally copy, paste and profit...(Don't worry, I'm cool with it)
  • INSANE BONUS #2: $10K Money Class - You're about to make a ton of money, are you prepared?
  • INSANE BONUS #3: Make-Money Toolbox (Access to all my business shortcuts and tools)
(Total Value: $7,014)

They "Escape Your Day Job Master Program" Includes:


Today's Your Day. It's Time To Take New Action So You Can Get New Results.  Click Below And Come Join Us Inside The Increase University And Coaching Community!



"Before joining the Increase Challenge and then Increase University I definitely had limiting beliefs around money because of things I had been taught by my church growing up. I thought that to be holy, you should be broke and 'lowly' ...Turns out I was 100% wrong! Travis has helped me completely transform my mindset about money, he showed me that me making more money does not mean I'm taking away from other people, and that God's children should be the most financially successful because they're going to do great things with that money! Travis provides so much value I would have paid $5K for Increase University. Not kidding" -Khalea K.


"One of Travis' unique gifts is to break down God's  promises and scriptures for Increase and teach you how to ACTUALLY apply them in your real life! Most people just teach you what the Bible says, but very few actually teach you WHAT to do and HOW  to do it. If you get a chance to work with Travis through one of his challenges or coaching programs, DO IT."  -Alex N.


Every time I look at investing in a coach, a course or a program, I ask myself: 'Does that person live a life that I want to live? Does that person truly have the result I want to get? And Travis is that person. He not just teaches the 'Increase Life' he lives it out himself!"  -Lucas R.


"I felt like there was a big puzzle piece missing. Then I saw an ad for one of Travis' programs and it captivated me. Travis backs everything up in scripture, he teaches you how to live the increase life, how to be a blessing to others, pay off other people's car or whatever is on your heart...This program has changed everything for me, it's corrected my mindset and put me on the right path"  -Ryan R.


"It's easy to rave about the Increase Challenge and Increase University. Travis doesn't teach you to budget down, he teaches you to increase up! It's step by step how to increase your finances and your lifestyle (without budgeting and without focusing on just saving money) So for the person on the fence about joining...Get out of your comfort zone and say YES to joining the program so that you can obtain the Increase Lifestyle" -Kevin B.


"...I grew up a Christian, I've always tithed, so has my husband, but we've never really walked in wealth... Reason being is there's always been this since of shame and manipulation that made it feel sinful to be wealthy. That's simply not true and not how God intended. God has already provided abundance and wealth and health and joy for us, but we just had to learn how to walk in it. If you're on the fence, go sign up! It's so, so good - you won't be sorry!" -Sally S.


"Travis' training is phenomenal. It will absolutely change the way you think about finances and yourself. Your life wasn't meant to be lived broke, busted and disgusted. You're supposed to be a blessing to others, but you can't do that if you're broke yourself! Travis will show you exactly what to do. You need someone in your life who has already been there and can get you there too. You'll find that inside the Increase Challenge and Increase University. Join the challenge, join the course, you will NOT regret it." -Aaron B.


"Working with Travis has been nothing short of a very profitable blessing. It's been a tremendous experience, if you have the opportunity to join any of his programs, do it - you'll never regret it. He's taught me so much that has put so much money in my pocket in a way that I enjoy. He's truly changed my life!" -Ruddy O.

(Except You Staying STUCK)

I believe in this product so much, and have seen it get life changing results for literally every, single, person that has gone through the materials and actually applied them, that I will offer this to you...If you go through my materials, document each day what you learned, show up and regularly post in the group, take action on the homework and assignments and if after 30 days you haven’t gotten any value out of the program or new results, I will personally hop on a zoom call with you and help you get results. I will invest MY time into your success because this is so important to me. IF, for whatever crazy reason, you still don’t get any value out of it, I will gladly just give you your money back, because the whole point of this program is to help Christians learn to take control of their lives, progress towards their goals and create a life of Increase for themselves, their families and others...So I will invest my own time and expertise into making sure you get that result! Either way, you win. You’ve got these new Increase Skill Sets and one on one coaching from me!

It's Time You Draw a Line in the Sand and Decide You're Going to Live the Increase Life!

Select Your Affordable Investment Path Below To Get Started Right Away: 

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⏰ One Installment option
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  • Start Creating Your "Increase Game Plan" in Moments
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